Helping You Feel At Home为您打造心中的家

For us, family, community and the environment are at the core of every successful home.


A Philosophy Inspired By Our History

We are proudly Chinese, and it’s this heritage that inspires us to create spaces that bring together families of all kinds.


Supporting Families

When it comes to our homes, family is at the centre. To us, this means creating spaces that support families of all kinds, and spaces where we would want to live, too.


Creating Communities

We don’t just build homes, we build homes that support communities. At Coromandel, we contribute to local organizations that support families, the arts, and the environment.


Connecting To The Environment

Every home we build takes the surrounding environment into consideration. This is more than just green spaces and fresh west coast air, it’s also being close to schools, parks, community spaces and everything else that makes Vancouver such an incredible place to live.

The City We Call Home

Our City, Our Home

There’s a reason Vancouver is such a world-class city. It’s not just the breathtaking views, the great communities or the unbelievable access to the outdoors – it’s everything. We truly believe Vancouver is the best city in the world, and we’re proud to call this city our home.