Inspired From The Ground Up相由心生

We are a proud Chinese real estate developer who has chosen to make Vancouver home. We believe in a strong connection to family, community and the environment, and we build homes for everyone who shares these values with us.

We Build Homes For Every Family

From single family, townhome, mid and high rise, to office, hotel and resorts, we create spaces where everyone can feel at home.

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We Believe In Shared Values


Rooted In Heritage

We know how important it is to have a good foundation before setting down roots. For us, this means incorporating the values from our Chinese heritage into everything we do. It’s why we’ve chosen to build our future right here in Vancouver, a city whose values easily connect with our own.


Founded In Community

Community is about so much more than just the physical location – it’s about creating spaces where everyone can share experiences and stay connected.

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Designed With Purpose

No two families are exactly the same, and no two homes should be, either. Every Coromandel space is designed to be flexible to reflect the unique needs of each of our homeowners.

The Leveson Completed

Presented by Coromandel Properties, The Leveson features contemporary design, polished detailing and fine craftsmanship. These homes have a timeless quality that is ideally suited to their setting in a well-established neighbourhood in the heart of Vancouver.

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